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Lee Grant Opens the Archives

Director Lee Grant is opening the archives, sharing her insight 30 years later in the commentary included with each documentary.

Before the days of DVD’s, binge watching, and video on demand, HBO was the place to see documentaries, and Lee Grant was the woman directing them. A perfect marriage for both Grant and HBO, resulting in the historic first Academy Award for HBO. Now, three decades later, the Academy Award winner famous for re-inventing career after career has taken advantage of everything the new millennium, and its New Media, has to offer. The Oscar winning documentary was Down and Out In America, produced by Milton Justice and Grant’s husband, Joseph Feury. Ms. Grant intends to use the best of our New Media platforms, inconceivable during the years of the films’ first lives, to bring her groundbreaking documentary work to a new generation, and a world still very much in need of her legendary voice. Other documentaries being rereleased include What Sex Am I? When Women Kill and Battered. On the heels of the Supreme Courts historic ruling on Same-Sex marriage and the country’s ever shrinking middle-class Grant’s films retain every moment of searing relevance they did during their first runs. The documentaries will be released initially via Vimeo OnDemand, hosted by Karmic Release, Ltd. From the New York Times HBO'S "DOWN AND OUT", By JOHN CORRY Published: December 4, 1985 "DOWN AND OUT IN AMERICA" is clear about its message: The system has failed, and the American dream has died. The Home Box Office documentary, directed and narrated by Lee Grant, tolerates no ambiguities, contradictions or complexities. It has seen the enemy, and it is us. HBO'S "WHAT SEX AM I?", By JOHN CORRY Published: April 18, 1985 "WHAT SEX AM I?"' looks sympathetically at transsexuals and transvestites, exploring the meaning of gender. How is it defined? The Home Box Office documentary, neither salacious nor exploitative, finds ambiguities. It suggests that gender is, and probably should be, beyond definition. "WHEN WOMEN KILL", ON HBO By JOHN CORRY Published: September 7, 1983 "WHEN WOMEN KILL", a new documentary made for Home Box Office, could have been called, just as easily, and perhaps more properly, "Why Women Kill". Women's victims, Lee Grant, the production's narrator, says, "are almost always someone they once loved". By implication, the victims are males, most of whom, the documentary suggests, are responsible for their own deaths. In some cases, however, males persuade women to kill other people for them. "BATTERED" ON HBO A documentary about real-life victims of domestic violence. In addition to case studies of women terrorized by their husbands and boyfriends, the special also features interviews with several men who are undergoing counseling for battering.

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